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Family law

A divorce is a life changing event, with which many different aspects must be taken into account: distribution, alimony, visitation and custody of the children. As a party these aspects are not always clear and the help of a specialized lawyer can be desirable. We can offer you this help.

A divorce can be complicated further when companies are involved. By combining our knowledge of the business and family law we can be of service in these situations as well.

Corporate law

As an entrepreneur all kinds of legal issues may come your way. Contracts, terms and conditions, licenses. We have assisted several SMEs with advice in order to prevent disputes. By pre-arranging affairs legally it is often possible to avoid problems and legal proceedings. If they do occur, we can assist you in such a procedure.

Tenancy Law

We have wide knowledge of all aspects of tenancy law relating to housing, business premises, catering lease, rent assessment, rent increases, tenant nuisance. We aid both tenants and landlords.

Real estate

Rent, purchase contracts, hidden defects and apartment rights. We are here to assist you and to represent your often large interests.


In the situation of a bankruptcy, we can help both the debtor and creditor. But also in case of an imminent bankruptcy, we can be of assistance, for example by reaching debt arrangements with banks and similar instances in order to avoid bankruptcy


We can collect a claim from a debtor for you. However, we can also assist you when someone unfairly would collect a sum from you, or when unnecessarily high costs of collection are being charged, or to assist you with  the seizure-free rate. For measures to safeguard your rights, such as sequestration you’ve come to the right place.

Employment law

Dismissal procedures, termination fees, sick employees. In all these disciplines the focus is on humans and a personal connection is very important. Like no other, we know what the threat of dismissal can mean for a client. What about the house, the mortgage, and other commitments? We make sure you get the best out of it.

Administrative law

Building permits, zoning plans, environmental permits, state liability, damage compensation, administrative coercion and not to mention all aspects related to the exploitation of restaurants, including forced closures and the BIBOB law.

Criminal law

Are you being prosecuted or is there a risk of prosecution then you’ve come to the right place. We have a lot of experience in the field. Our approach is that we also keep the ‘home front’ informed of the developments.